In May of 2015 I photographed Carol and Marcos while they were honeymooning in Paris, and besides shooting some gorgeous photos, we had a lovely afternoon with lots of interesting conversations.

Over the past 3 years we remained in touch via social networks, and in November of 2016 they first told me about their new project called MISSÃO MUNDO. This social project was born to transform lives with simple gestures. With their backpacks on, and plenty of good energy, Carol and Marcos set off on their social and cultural adventure around the globe. For the next  2 years the couple will pass through all the continents, doing volunteer work, conducting social projects, giving humanitarian relief and promoting cultural exchange in each country. They will visit 43 countries! Truly inspiring work that touches me every time I watch their videos.
Beginning of March 2018 I saw an Instagram post of theirs that said they would be in Barcelona for a few days. Coincidentally I was planning a mini trip in March too, and was myself considering Barcelona, a city that I know well and love. After checking and rechecking my schedule, and some intense ticket searching, I was able to plan my entire trip just 3 days before going! I contacted Carol and Marcos to let them know I would be in town and would love to catch up, and we planned to meet up for some photos and some sight seeing.
We met in front of the beautiful Sagrada Familia cathedral, and it was wonderful to see them again, and hard to believe we hadn’t seen each other in 3 years!
We spent two days exploring the city, taking photos in every charming and historic place we could find. We laughed a lot, and shared stories about our lives.
I hope to meet up with them again soon, maybe in another country!
If anyone would like to know more about the incredible MISSÃO MUNDO:





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